Tax Debt America Project

What is the Tax Debt America Project? 

The TDA project is a collection of essays that document tax debt and its effects on Americans. The writing consists of observations I have made from snippets of the many conversations I have had with tax debtors, tax professionals who work to help these people and their experiences with both tax debtors and IRS.  I also try to think about the second order effects from having a tax debt and how tax debt is a proxy for other issues that make the American dream much harder to achieve.

Who am I to write it?  

I’m an Enrolled Agent working at a tax resolution company. I’ve conducted over 10,000 interviews and have guided thousands of people through and out of Tax Debt America. As I documented these stories, I began to notice themes and began to ask myself other questions.  Those questions are explored in this project.  

Why should people care about this? 

I have always been fascinated by being able to peek behind the curtain – get an insider’s view of a situation, even for a moment.  On the surface, a discussion of tax debt can seem boring but I found the topic to be quite interesting and I think others will too. The Tax Debt America Project has taught me very much about America, her people, processes and priorities.

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